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Digital Cameras

Samsung digital camcorders

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Product Information
Whether for capturing a memorable event or just sharing on social media, the Gear 360 gives viewers a feel of what the cinematographer's world feels like, with a 360-degree video capture in glorious 4K. It allows one to switch recording between single and dual camera depending on the user's preference. It is fun and very easy to use, sleek, portable, with an attractive yet ergonomic design.

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Product Information
Get the Samsung SC-D372 camcorder capture all your beautiful memories forever. Get closer to your subject with the exceptional 34x optical/1200x digital zoom of this Samsung digital camcorder. Eliminate the distortion of any hand shake with the digital image stabilizer of this Samsung camcorder. Shoot bright, illuminated videos under low-light conditions as well with the integrated LED video light of this Samsung digital camcorder. Add creative results to your videos with the Art, Mosaic, Sepia, Negative, Mirror, B&W, Emboss1 Mode, Emboss2 Mode, Pastel Mode, 16:9 Widescreen digital effects modes of this Samsung camcorder. Capture amazing quality photos and videos with the Professional Quality Schneider lens optics of the Samsung SC-D372 camcorder.

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