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Digital Cameras

Digital Memory Card Readers

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USB+ Card Reader 5-in-1 HUB
3-port USB 3.0 high-speed transmission
SD card + TF card reading in parallel
High-capacity equipment easy to get
Can connect 2 2T mobile hard disks at the same time, no external power supply, powerful
Can give you a more enjoyable expansion of experience.
Directly read SD card/TF card
No reader, no conversion, the computer directly reads the SD card. Refuse
Complex, simple life is like.
No need to save the interface
Expands 3 USB 3.0 ports for PCs/laptops, one SD card interface, one TF connection
Mouth, external U disk, mobile hard drive no longer need to worry about the interface is not enough.
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USB 3.0 high speed read/write
All movies, television dramas, and music were sent in seconds, and the data files were immediately copied.
USB 3.0 high-speed transmission, 5Gbps speed how a "fast" word too.
HUB+OTG dual function
Not only HUB splitter, HUB supports OTG function, mobile phone connection HUB, easy
Read U disk / SD card / TF card, watch movies / TV shows offline.
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Offline viewing no longer wait for the cache
Put a movie/television on a mobile phone, entertain it anytime and anywhere.
Don't worry about insufficient traffic.
Gold plated interface reduces wear and tear
USB3.0 interface uses gold plating technology to reduce transmission loss, stabilize output, and durability
A variety of line lengths choose their own
The current product has a length of 0.2m/0.5m/1m.

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