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Product Information
By simply pressing the power-on and the record buttons of the Flip Video UltraHD, recording high-quality, high-definition video is made easy and hassle-free. This Flip Video camcorder captures video with a resolution of 720p and a frame rate of 60 frames per second which is double the standard. Without any complicated settings, the Flip Video UltraHD captures clear and concise video in all types of lighting conditions, producing stunning video regardless of the environment. In addition, a high end audio feature of this Flip Video camcorder creates video with superior sound. As an 8 GB camcorder, the Flip Video UltraHD can hold two hours of video and includes a rechargeable battery pack to provide for continuous video capture. The pre-loaded FlipShare software on the 8 GB camcorder is launched once the camcorder is connected to a computer by means of the built-in USB arm. This enables the organizing and editing of video files and sharing them on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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