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The Fujifilm QuickSnap is a single-use, all-weather camera, equipped to handle all environmental conditions. This Fujifilm 35 mm film camera is waterproof and operates up to 17 feet underwater, which makes it a good choice for capturing underwater images while snorkeling or scuba diving. This Fujifilm film camera features a large shutter release, making for easy operation. The Fujifilm QuickSnap produces crisp pictures with great detail - both in and out of the water. This Fujifilm 35 mm film camera uses 800 speed color film and provides 27 exposures. Also, this Fujifilm film camera offers easy winding of the film, even at greater depths. Further, the Fujifilm QuickSnap includes a wrist strap for greater functionality.

36 Photos Flash Single Use One Time Disposable Film Camera Wedding Party Gift

Very sharp pictures
35mm format
10ft built-in flash
Preloaded with SUPERIA X-TRA 400, ISO 400 speed color film
27 exposures
Fun & easy to use
Ideal for taking pictures indoors or outdoors

QuickSnap Flash 400 Disposable Single-Use Camera

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Product Information
Now discover the economic way of clicking pictures at your kid's birthday party with the Kodak Flash 800 one time use film camera. This Kodak film camera utilizes 35mm film, giving panoramic pictures and their easy development. With a single button zoom of this Kodak camera, you can bring the objects to as much as 35% closer. The included flash of this Kodak film camera provides the required light for your pictures. This Kodak camera can be loaded easily and quickly with 800 speed, thus is ready whenever you need to click. Get the Kodak Flash 800 and preserve some precious memories.


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