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DSTE SSL-JVC50 5800mAh Battery for JVC HM650 / HM650 Camera - Black - $33.78

DSTE SSL-JVC50 5800mAh Battery for JVC HM650 / HM650 Camera - Black

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Product Information
Tape free and powerful, the JVC camcorder is a portable camcorder that is created for those who take care with their video making. Few circumstances are more pleasing than sharing those critical moments in a video made with this JVC GZHM40BUSD video camera. Memorable movies, created with this flash card camcorder, encourage you to share life's most poignant moments with friends. Take videos of beautiful flowers, your closest friends, or intimate portraits using the JVC camcorder. This JVC GZHM40BUSD video camera can take dramatic memories of friends anywhere. Choose the amount of videos kept in the video camcorder with the help of the flash memory slot included with this JVC GZHM40BUSD video camera. With its black body, this flash card camcorder will be a classy platform for capturing memories. The JVC camcorder is just right for filming far away landmarks, with its 999x digital zoom, so you can view far away objects closer without losing crisp quality. This JVC GZHM40BU video camera makes it easy for you to share the captured moments of your life and share them with family and friends using its 2.7-inch monitor. This flash card camcorder has a 40x optical zoom functionality that makes viewing far away landmarks fun. The JVC camcorder includes a flash card media allowing you to extend how much video you can record with the camera.


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